A Day at the St. Regis Atlanta

Whenever I achieve a set goal I like to reward myself. After all the anxiety and stress leading up to the launch of The Luxe Fare, I needed some pampering. I was in need of a massage but not just any massage–I wanted a spa massage. This was a treat to myself, I couldn’t subject myself to anything less. It’s noteworthy to mention when you book a massage at a hotel you get full access to all the hotel amenities; whereas at a causal massage parlor you just get your massage and then you’re off on your merry way. However, depending on what you’re looking for they both have their appropriate places. I took the spa route and decided to spend a day at The St. Regis Hotel Atlanta, in Buckhead.

I arrived in the curved driveway with valet awaiting me, they greeted me and asked if I knew where I was going. Upon entrance, the hotel interior reminded me of a quintessential mansion. Marble tile, a color scheme of creme, wood furnishings, gold accents, soft lighting, huge beautiful chandeliers and double spiral staircases. I took the elevator up to the 6th floor to Remède Spa. Once there I was greeted by both spa attendants and introduced to the attendant who I reserved my reservation with a couple of hours prior. I checked in and was given a tour of the spa area. I placed my belongings into the locker and was lead up to the 7th floor athletic club where I enjoyed a workout to kick off my Sunday fun day.

The athletic club is fully equipped with all you can ask for; countless machines a designated area for mat exercises. Water, fruits, wet and dry towels–even headphones, and if you use the cardio machines you get a view over-looking the pool.

After my workout I went back down to Remède Spa I showered and went into the waiting area where my masseuse was already awaiting me. She happily decided to give me some additional time to enjoy the appetizer options and complete the paperwork. The waiting area has many seats and two chaises with blankets. The snack options are fresh fruits, dried fruits and nuts and truffle chocolate. What peaked my interest was the chocolate; it’s from a local bakery, it looks like marble I initially thought it was a part of the plate. It was unlike any chocolate I’ve ever eaten. The shell was dense yet soft enough to chew and out pours caramel like chocolate. Once my masseuse came back I was led to the massage room. While there she explained the service and asked me which aromatherapy scent I wanted. I was delighted to know that there was a robe warmer and heated massage table. After allowing me to disrobe my masseuse came back in and explained that there was a paraffin wrap for my feet complimentary to the back massage!

Initially, I was skeptical of booking a 30min massage that costs over $100 but after my massage, I knew it was all worth it. Once my massage was over I had a euphoric feeling that I’ve never had before. Not to sound facetious but my head was really in the clouds. I didn’t feel as if I was missing anything by not opting for a typical 60min massage because the heated massage table, paraffin wax and attention to detail in the areas of my back that needed to be massaged out were attended too. After my massage, the masseuse advised that she would leave some recommendations for me at the front desk. I then went into the steam room where I sweated out the toxins then took a shower with their sugar scrub.

After my shower, I changed into my bathing suit and cover-up and went to the Pool Piazza. While there I took a stroll of the outdoor grounds then ordered food at the outdoor bar. After eating my lunch of petite steak and mashed potatoes I went over to the pool chairs and read a book before falling asleep under the umbrella shade. After waking from my nap I went in the pool then after a while to the hot tub then back to Remède Spa for a final shower before I checked out.

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Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the day; it provided the relaxation and fulfillment I desired. I arranged this itinerary myself. However, if you would like to experience the St. Regis Hotel which is an AAA five-diamond luxury resort yourself—you can experience your own day at St. Regis by following this guide:  http://www.stregisatlanta.com/a-day-at-st-regis

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