A Sweet Spot: Sugar Factory

You may have heard of Sugar Factory before, I’m sure you’ve seen some of your favorite celebrities holding those blingged out lollipops known as “couture pops” for photo-ops. Most recently Kylie Jenner made appearances there. When you think of Sugar Factory what comes to mind may be those ginormous smoking glasses of alcoholic beverages; that’s what they are known for. However, on my trip to Sugar Factory I opted for something else.

Initially, I thought Sugar Factory was namely a place for drinks–then again I didn’t give it much thought. I just knew I had to make my way there once home in Florida. Sugar Factory American Brasserie has sit down locations in New York, Florida, Chicago and Dubai and stores in select areas such as McCaran International Airport in Las Vegas. I went to the location on South Beach at Hotel Victor on Ocean Drive. Upon arrival I was greeted and asked where I wanted to dine, I chose to look around first. I was excited as I’ve been wanting to get here for some time now. When you walk in, it’s a full-size candy store with an assortment of candies, chocolate, gelato and pastries. The environment really brings out the inner child in you, from the colorfulness to the toys and of course the candy! I feasted my eyes on all there was to see before heading to the dining area. Behind the store is the entrance to the dining room with a hostess and to the right you have a full bar. The dining room is hip and upscale. I walked back to the front where I stopped to take a picture with the Sugar Factory backdrop.


Accompanying me was my long-time friend Ramel; we made our way back to the patio where we sat and ordered. I ordered garlic chicken fingers and garlic parmesan fries, the fries were good but the chicken fingers were standard. Both items were from the Happy Hour menu. Unlike most restaurants and bars Sugar Factory’s, Happy Hour is quite different. At Sugar Factory there is no set time when the Happy Hours starts or ends, it’s based on occupancy. If the restaurant is slow, then there’s a Happy Hour, if the restaurant is busy then there’s no Happy Hour. Therefore, there’s no way to know when they’ll be a happy Hour or not, so if that’s what you’re looking for that may be a difficult task to accomplish. Thus, if you’re seeking Happy Hour pricing my advice would be to go on a weekday morning or evening to increase your chances. I would recommend the Happy Hour because there are great offerings on the menu such as a full-size burger for $1–yes you heard that correctly $1! and those huge Goblets drinks that are priced at $35-$45 are 2 for 1 during Happy Hour. Again, there 2 for 1 is not a typical 2 for 1 either, you pay $25 for each instead of the $35-$45 depending on the drink.

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My friend ordered a strawberry milkshake, it was huge and the whipped cream was some of the thickest I’ve ever seen and he said it was very good. I, on the other hand, opted for a 3 scoop ice-cream with chocolate dipped cone with chocolate shavings. My server was friendly and accommodating. The selection and variety of options at Sugar Factory are so diverse I intend on returning and even visiting other locations across the country. I definitely recommend Sugar Factory for an experience, birthday gatherings and celebrations.

Check them out here http://www.sugarfactory.com

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