Lunch at Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint

As one of the restaurants on my “must try” list in my current home of Atlanta, GA. I was more than pleased when a friend invited me out for lunch at Sweet Georgia’s Juke JointLocated in the heart of the city in Downtown Atlanta, on the popular Peachtree Street address, Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint offers and inviting atmosphere, live music and delicious food.

I dinned on a Sunday afternoon; surprisingly there was no wait, our server was friendly and knowledgeable of the menu–which is something I look for when I dine out. She was able to tell me the strength of drinks as I prefer my drinks sweet yet strong. She recommended two drinks matching my request and I got exactly that. I ordered a Moonshine Cocktail called “Miss Ceely’s Punch. You can pick your choice of shine, I chose blackberry and pineapple–unique combination, I know. The Moonshine comes in mason jars reminiscent of the southern roots Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint are founded on.

The live band played renditions of music from greats such as James Brown and the likes. While performing the keyboard player interacted with the audience in between songs. img_6990Be aware that there is a $5 per person entertainment fee added to your check. Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint offers entertainment every night of the week at the downtown location, if you’d like to see who will be performing you may check here:

My entree item was the Juke Joint Cobb Salad, I seldomly order salad when I dine out as I view it as a complete waste of a restaurant dinning experience and the fact that I make incredible salads myself. However, since I am currently monitoring my intake I choose the salad and I was gratified with my decision. The cobb salad has a protein option of roasted turkey or friend chicken. It’s components are applewood smoked bacon, okra, tomatoes, mixed cheeses, and a chopped egg on a bed of blended lettuces. I had mine sans bacon, the okra came chopped in small pieces which was breaded and fried. It was perfect as I’ve never had friend okra before; the fried outer layer created two different textures as you bit into the slimy center of the okra. If you try this salad I suggest the sweet vinaigrette dressing as this compliment was a delightful taste in the mouth. The salad was filling and I was full before the end of my dish. My friend ordered the salmon with mashed potatoes, the salmon was hearty and cooked perfectly. If southern desserts are your favorite–this is the place for you, with dessert selection classics like banana pudding to peach cobbler to bourbon pecan pie; you’re sure to find something to suite your fancy.

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If you’re not a visitor or resident of Atlanta there’s still hope. In addition to the 200 Peachtree Street staple, Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint has a location in the busy Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport at Concourse C Gate 42. So the next time you have a connecting flight, have a long lay-over or simply waiting to depart, drop into Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint for food and merriment.

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