Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel is a premiere modern and contemporary art fair formed in 1970 by the vision of three gallerists which first took place in Basel, Switzerland. Currently fairs take place in Basel, Hong Kong and Miami Beach annually. Art Basel is followed by art collectors and art enthusiasts alike. People from all over the world flock to the exhibit to see new offerings from their perspectives artists, be educated on art, attend events, people watch and make art purchases.

Art Basel painting

“Art Basel’s goal has been to connect the world’s premier galleries and their patrons, as well serving as a meeting point for the international artworld.”( Art Basel, 2017).

I attended this year’s Art Basel in Miami, it’s held annually at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Tickets can be purchased online and or at the box office upon arrival. There’s a small discount for tickets purchased on-line and an even greater discount for students and seniors. If you are attending Art Basel for the first time for leisure I recommend going with a friend. There are programs distributed at each entrance point that lists the exhibitors and their locations on a map. Touring the fair may take around four hours with company for full completion. As with art, people tend to view a piece for a particular period of time, try to conceptualize the artists work for themselves and take pictures. For your convenience, while inside–you don’t need to leave the convention; there’s staff selling wine on carts, a full-fledged dining hall, and multiple restroom locations.

Woman on all fours

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The convention is also set up in sections, such as paintings and sculptures, there are countless visuals to see as over 250 galleries from around the world showcased their offerings. For the art collectors, there are sales people in each exhibitor section to speak to and discuss numbers and if you’re lucky you may meet the artist in person!

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The unstated dress code at Art Basel for most is business casual, yet you may see a few women dressed-to-impress and also witness some very eclectic styles; some runway worthy and some “what were they thinking”? but it’s Art Basel, therefore, self expression is permitted.


Every year during Art Basel Miami, is also Art Miami, having similar concepts this is the ultimate two-for-one deal to immerse yourself in art, music, and culture. All of these events take place during what’s known as “Miami Art Week”, fairs are centrally located in Miami Beach and Downtown Miami such as Wynwood. During this time Miami bursts with vibrancy from art shows, private parties, performances and nightlife happenings.

Favorite Art Basel piece created by Mark Tanzy


Oh Hey, It’s me!

Thinking of attending the next Art Basel? The 2017 schedules have been released, click here for more information.

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