Niagara Falls Canada

A couple years ago I put together travel destinations that I want to visit each year, some I have still yet to visit, however, the intent remains. One of this year’s sought-after travel destination for me is Niagara Falls. As one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and being a lover of water, I desired to take a trip to visit this beauty.

In June I traveled to Niagara Falls Canada by way of Buffalo New York. Initially, I planned on visiting Niagara Falls NY but in my research and speaking to people prior to my trip I was told the Canadian side was nicer and had more to offer. In order to get into Canada, you’ll need your passport and the good thing is it only needs to be good for the time of travel–instead of 3-6 months validity like most foreign countries.I booked a private car from my hotel in Buffalo NY to take me to into Canada. Vehicle travel time from Buffalo/Niagra NY is only about 30mins to the border.

Niagara Falls/Ontario Canada is a town reminiscent of a Universal Studios feel in a neighborhood. It houses staple tourist attractions such as Ripleys Beleive It Or Not, a miniature golf park and Niagara Sky Wheel and more all within a few blocks to a few miles walking distance. Area hotels also provide maps so that tourist can commute the entire town stopping at locations of their choice.

The Falls

Niagara Parks Canada has two main ways for visitors to get to see the falls. The first option is a zip line down to the falls, for all you thrill seekers. While the second option– and popular choice is boarding the Horn Blower Cruises. The Horn Blower is the Canadian version of the U.S. Maid of the Midst or vice versa; I opted for the cruise. The cruise ticket includes a poncho which can also double as a souvenir. On the journey, there is information about the falls emitted from the speakers as you travel along the river you pass Horseshoe Falls. As you get closer to Niagara Falls the boat starts to rock and then you’re drenched in water. The force of the water was so powerful I could barely open my eyes.Horn Blower Cruise poncho

The Horn Blower Cruise provided an up-close-and-personal view of the magnificent amazement of that which is Niagara Falls.20170711_170334

When the boat takes you back, in true-to-form amusement park fashion–you’re led to a gift shop; which leads to an outdoor casual restaurant and viewing area.

My trip did not end there, there was plenty more to do in Ontario, the area has two casinos and as I mentioned plenty of amusement park-like activities. Later in the evening, I decided to check out Skylon Tower, it’s a 520 ft tower which takes you from the elevator to an observation deck. Skylon Tower also has a popular revolving restaurant. At night the falls are illuminated with lights and ignite with fireworks best seen from the Skylon Tower. After that, I walked over to the newest casino in the area, Falls View Casino. I played Roulette and came out a winner! The next morning I went to Galleria Mall which is attached to the casino for some light shopping.

After my shopping trip, I got yet another private car over to Buffalo/Niagara Airport.

Travel Advice: (Niagara Falls) Luckily the day I went there were no lines, it’s important to note just like amusement parks Niagara Falls usually has a line, so be prepared for standing and waiting. I also suggest wearing rubber boots/water shoes because you will get soaked! I used my camera while on the boat and it now has water damaged, i.e. the reason some pictures are from Snapchat and not from my camera. I suggest bringing waterproof gear for all your electronic devices while near the falls. (Shopping) Keep in mind to try on sizes whenever you shop overseas, I didn’t and ended up with tight fitting clothes because apparently, Canadian woman sizes seem to be one size smaller than U.S. sizes. (Money) If you’re from the U.S. don’t bother doing currency exchange, we get a better rate. I suggest using only a credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees. If you plan to gamble, U.S. currency is higher than Canadian so when I exchanged my money in the casino I was happy to get more in return but the caveat is when you exchange it back you then get less… bummer. You may also carry cash because Niagara Falls/Ontario Canada is largely a tourist area so most places accept U.S. dollars–however, change will be provided in Canadian.

Interested in traveling to Niagara Falls? Visit this site to plan a successful trip:



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