Viva Mexico!

When going on vacation to a Caribbean island I find the best value and fun is staying at an all inclusive resort. Having Mexico on my list of destinations I wanted to visit a region of Mexico which wasn’t so cliche’ as Cancun. This led me to Riviera Maya about 30mins from Cancun. I used the travel agency CheapCaribbean to find and secure my trip. Booking my trip was a breeze online and having 24 hours access to their representatives before and during my trip for questions put me at ease for traveling solo. I booked this trip as a celebration for a recent accomplishment and didn’t have enough time to wait for anyone else to make preparations to come along.

While browsing and reading reviews I found this amazingly posh resort called Platinum Yucatan Princess the aesthetic drew me in. This resort had everything my little fancy heart could ever dream of. Platinum Yucatan Princess All Suites ResortSwim up suites, room service, shower and tubs, free wifi! but to top it off it was also Adults Only! Wooohooo! You mean I can be a complete adult and not see and hear kids running rampant all over the resort?!… Sign me up!!! CheapCaribbean partners with a travel shuttle and excursion company called Amstar. Upon arrival, I was directed to where my Amstar attendant would be, he was friendly I waited a little while for other passengers for the shuttle ride and was taken safely to my resort.

Platinum Yucatan Princess is a five-star all suites, all inclusive resort. At check-in, I decided to upgrade my 2nd-floor suite to a swim-up suite for an upgrade charge.junior-suite-deluxe-swimout-platinum-yucatan-princess-hotel-room Usually, an upgrade is free at hotels but since this was a resort I suppose the rules differ, but I didn’t mind spending the additional to get exactly what I wanted. There are two lobbies, Deluxe and Platinum; in the Deluxe lobby where I checked in, there is a bar. I went straight to it and started my trip off with a cocktail. Guests have access to both lobbies if needed however you are taken to the lobby that corresponds to your booking, the Platinum lobby offers a few other perks. Platinum Yucatan Princess Swim Out RoomWhen I arrived it was too early to get in my room so the bell man held my bags while I toured the resort and then went to the spa. Spa Princess is equipped with everything you can find in the U.S. I had the most relaxing 50min massage, after that I went to the sauna, steam room, and outdoor heated pool. The resort even has those famous fish tank pedicures. I chose not to get that as I found out the fish just eats on your dead skin which I didn’t find worth it–however, I believe you can get an actual pedicure–but the entire thing is severely overpriced at the resort and in the town.

The demographic at the resort were adults in their late 30-40’s and some younger people here and there. If you’re looking to turn-up– this resort may not be for you; the staff does their best to liven the mood yet there’s still a lingering subdued feeling. There’s nightly entertainment yet it ends rather early. There are also festivities at the main pool. I think the mood here is relaxed due to the age range and the luxurious aspect of the resort. A bridge takes you to the beach, which also houses a bar, but the beach had a lot of algae; luckily the resorts shares access to the sister properties and you can walk or take the resort shuttle to the other resorts next door and use their beach access which doesn’t have the algae problem.

As an all-inclusive resort, your meals and drinks are included, there are 6 restaurants at the resorts of them all only one has a charge. 20170809_214402Each restaurant has a scheduled time and each guest gets a schedule of all activities and restaurant hours for each day of the week. If you have a swim-up suite you also get bottler service while relaxing on your balcony or swimming in your room area– that especially blew my mind. The rooms come with robes, slippers, extra pillows, and even an umbrella for rainy days.

For 50 Pesos each way you can take a shuttle from the hotel to Playa Del Carmen where you get to experience Mexico outside of the resorts. I was taken to 5th Avenue which is there shopping and dining district.

If you go to Mexico be sure to make time for an excursion; there are many things to do such as the typical swim with dolphins to zip lining, but what is not on every island is the Mayan Ruins, xenote, and caves–these offer a great adventure and something unique to Mexico. The resort had a bevy of different attractions and representatives to help you book a memorable excursion. I think this resort thought of everything… if I was the type of person to return to someplace more than once I would definitely return to the Platinum Yucatan Princess.


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