Create Your Own Potpourii

It’s my belief that flowers should not only be given for special occasions but to revel in for any reason. I enjoy having fresh flowers in my home for its beauty, smell and the way it makes me feel looking at them, flowers add an elegant dimension to a room. While arranging my new flowers and before throwing out my old roses suddenly I got the idea to create my own potpourri. Last year I received this beautiful Nicole Miller bowl that I’ve tried finding decorative artificial apples to place in it but never did, so making potpourri is an excellent way to reuse the dried roses while finally making proper use of my bowl. IMG-0433

In this example, I used a dozen roses that had been dried for about three weeks.  *Two dozen would be even more visually appealing*

Creating your own potpourri is simple, you only need 3 items.

  1. Bowl
  2. Flowers or dried fruits etc.
  3. Fragrance

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Instructions: Break stems off, pluck a few leaves off a couple of roses and arrange in a bowl. For the scent, room spray, and Eau de Parfum will work for a quick fix. Ideally, for longer-lasting and pure fragrance, I recommend using an essential oil. I had lavender on hand and dropped a few droplets on the roses. The scent filled my living room with calm and the display makes for a great decoration. This idea turned out to be a hit and I can’t wait to make other versions.


Will you try? Comment and like below.

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