The Wondrous Marvels of Biltmore Estate

Topping my list of must-see U.S. destinations is the Biltmore home in Asheville, NC most commonly known as Biltmore Estates.

This estate was home to George Washington Vanderbilt II, son of a wealthy businessman and philanthropist, William Henry Vanderbilt. William was once the wealthiest man in America after inheriting his fathers Cornelius Vanderbilt’s wealth who built his fortune in railroads and shipping; he is known for owning the New York Central Railroad. Cornelius’ story is one from rags to riches but that’s for another article.

Biltmore Estate is the largest privately owned home in the United States. Spanning 135,280 square feet of living area and over 10 miles of land. If art architecture and history are things that appeal to you then you’d want to add Biltmore to your destination list.

Here’s my curated collection of photos from inside the estate, grounds, views, garden, and winery.






There’s so much to discover at Biltmore 

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