Changing the Tide

Life can be unpredictable at times, you may not always have control over things in your life so in times when you need some extra motivation here are some recommendations to make a turn around for the better.

THINK, take some alone time to be still, be present in the now, reflect and think on where you are, what are the causes and what can be done within your control to turn things around.  giphy

TAKE ACTION, you can’t expect things to just happen whether it be luck or an act of God. You have but a short duration to be sad, angry or any other combination of emotions before people stop empathizing with rsz_2017-11-03runtasticdayd-215-10-03-13-534you and it turns to pity or avoidance. So, get up and do the work! Forgive that person, make those calls, set those goals, face your fears.



DONT GIVE UP, anything in life worth attaining (even if its happiness)—takes work. We have to choose happiness daily. Find happiness is seizing everything on your agenda each day. 


Try to be happy where you are, in the midst of doubt, unfortunate events and the unknown—as hard as it may be to do, happiness is an active choice— and it’s easier to achieve when you are making daily strides to change your present situation.

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