Current Dating Lingo You Want to Be Aware Of

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As dating has evolved for the worst–finding the epitome gentleman quality is truly like finding a needle in a haystack. We now know “ghosting” is the act of disappearing on someone you’re dating without explanation, and “gas lighting” is a manipulation tactic people use to make their significant other feel crazy for having the feelings they have.

For 21st Century gals on the dating scene, there are new ways men are interacting or not— for that matter, now you can use these terms to arm yourself and weed out the bad ones or even play the game better than them.


This is when people don’t want to date you but want to keep you in their network for professional purposes. You may have broken up and then suddenly you see a friend request on LinkedIn or receive an invite to an after work event. If you aren’t able to deal with just being their business friend, ignore their invites/request and move on.

Textual Chemistry 

This happens when you and your potential bae text like crazy, but in real life, the chemistry dies. Don’t get too dependent on words that you forget that in person connection is important too.


Soul-mining happens when a new boo is intensely emotional and clingy as soon as you meet. They may bombard you with a bunch of TMIs before your second date. Don’t get fooled by there disclosure, they usually disappear soon after the emotional dump.


People who heart-bargain often never quite meet your needs, but instead convince you to settle for something less. So if you tell your significant other you need to talk on the phone every night, they may decide to text you instead.


People with this text messaging persona only text you or respond to you when you’re sleeping. Sometimes they do this to seem unavailable, or it’s a way to stay in contact with you without being at risk of making any real life plans. Block and bless.


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