Mantra’s to Fix Your Life

Here at The Luxe Fare, we are all about quotes, affirmations and anything positive to get your mind together and further progress you. So when we discovered Ms. “Fix My Life” herself, had a set of mantras that she lives by, we had to share it.

Image: Twitter

Iyanla shared in an interview with Essence, a few personal tips, and go-to mantras she uses that have saved her.

Here they are…

“There Is No Thing To Fear”

“If I could just etch that on everybody’s brain to understand there’s no thing to fear, “she says. “Just keep moving, breathing…”


 “…Because when people get upset they stop breathing,” she says.

“All Things Are Lessons That God Would Have Me Learn”

“That thing right there…ooh that has saved me when I really want to bite somebody’s face off…” Vanzant says of this manta.

And last but not least, our personal favorite…

“Today, I Begin A New Life”

“Doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, last week, last month. Today, right here, right now, this moment…I begin a new life.”

Isn’t it refreshing to know that with every breath you can start anew? You don’t have to wait until tomorrow, next week, new month or next year to change–you can do it this second. You can change those feelings, get over that situation, start new habits, create that business plan, anything you set your mind too!

Watch the full video below

Now, go forth and thrive! Beloved.

Want more positivity? Visting our Instagram page “Quotes” bubble for all the feels.



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