Vision Board Spinoff: Introducing a Manifestation Board

Most of us are familiar with vision boards; simply put vision boards are any type of board with words, images, and phrases, of the things you want or desire in your life. Vision boards operate on the Law of Attraction principle which is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.

No matter what happens during your day, your vision board is a constant reminder of where you intend to be. Appealing to you on both conscious and subconscious levels, a vision board can work wonders toward keeping your mind focused on your goal, your attention on your intentions, and your life headed in the direction you choose (Make A Vision Board, 2017). Vision Board

A lot of people have created vision boards while feeling empowered but after a while when nothing changes in our lives the steam wears off. I’ve created a spin-off of a vision board which is a Manifestation Board for the things I want to achieve in 2017. (Update: 80% of the items on my manifestation board were achieved by Aug. 2017!)

The manifestation board is similar to a vision board in the sense that it’s a board of images and words etc. Conversely, unlike a vision board, these are results you’ll like to acquire within that year, whereas a vision board normally takes 5 years for the goals to be obtained. You may even think of this as the impatient person’s vision board lol! Dreaming text

Like everything, a manifestation board takes active work. The key to a manifestation board is that the goals are more within your control. For example, (having a picture of an engagement ring) for this to happen within the year other aspects must be in place such as being in a healthy relationship; thus, the manifestation of being proposed to may likely occur.

3 Keys to Success

Eliminate Clutter: Do not clutter your board with too many pictures. Focused attention is needed; with too many pictures it’s hard to focus.

Placement: Make sure the board is in an area that is highly visible every day. A good place would be a bedroom wall or home office.

Association: Are you seeing yourself in the vision board? Or are you viewing your dream from the point of an observer? When visioning, you need to see yourself in the dream of having all the things you want (Evelyn Lim, 2017). Placing a picture of yourself on the board can help build association.

Dream in pink

When you’re ready, create your manifestation board with a clear sense of what you want, eliminating any self-doubt and take active steps to achieve those goals daily.

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